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Welcome to "Alle Murate", a magic harmony between the enjoyment of the art of fine cuisine and the wonder of an exclusive artistic location.


Defining Excellence: our new, exciting mission in the Palace of the Art of Judges and Notaries.
Here "Alle Murate" defining Excellence means combining meticulous, original culinary scholarship with the custody and valorization of the artistic and historical legacy of the building that houses us.
Our constant, passionate study of the culture of all that is beautiful and good is our "daily bread", and every evening we share it with you.

A Cook:

The true spirit of our restaurant is Giovanna Iorio, her cuisine inspired by the most traditional flavors. Considering her familiar approach to the art of cooking, she is proud to define herself as a Cook, refusing the title of chef.

The dining room:

A delight for the eyes as well as for the palate, it is located in the Palace of the Art of Judges and Notaries. "One of the loveliest discoveries for Florence in the last decades", a precious museum, rich in frescoes and archeological remains, whose main point of pride is the rediscovery of the "True likeness of Dante".

The menu:

Our cuisine is always in search of new, balanced flavors, made from pure ingredients prepared with care: the true quality of Italian cooking is its simplicity.
The kitchen of "Alle Murate" draw inspiration from the most authentic regional Italian traditions, mainly Basilicata, where our Cook, Giovanna, was born, and Tuscany, where she grew up.


Here at "Alle Murate" the guest is the absolute king. The service is familiar but refined, and after dinner guests can enjoy a guided tour of the frescoes and archeological excavations.

The cellar:

All the enchantment of Italy's finest wines.
Our cellar, with its mysterious, fascinating setting, devotes special attention to new proposals offered by small producers, as well as to the great Italian and French labels.

The Museum:

A unique experience of art and history, from Florence in Roman times to the threshold of the Renaissance. The Palace of the Art of Judges and Notaries, which we have completely renewed and restored to even greater splendor, is truly a special location. Here the greatest poets of all time, Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio, are depicted for the first time as models of the dignity and grandeur of a civilized city.

Work with us:

"Alle Murate" we are always happy to meet people interested in working with us. Contact us by sending your resume to us via email: